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Hair Transplant

DHI Beacon Hair Restoration's innovative and minimally invasive hair transplant techniques are the industry benchmark. Our system is based on our triple synergy approach; which combines technology and teamwork with technique. This effective hair transplant technique is offered exclusively by DHI Global DHI Beacon Hair Restoration and is available from our Dublin hair transplant clinic. 

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State of the Art Hair Transplant Technology

We have designed and developed the worlds most advanced and innovative hair extraction and hair implementation tools and techniques available.
Our tools have a diameter of less than 1mm which allows for faster healing and 100% natural results.

Innovative and Modern Hair Transplant Techniques

At the beginning of the 21st century, GHI Global Medical Group was one of the first to abandon the harsh FUT-Strip system. We developed the FUE transplantation technique. 

In 2010, we introduced direct hair implementation, a technique which has successfully treated hundreds of hair loss patients. From our Dublin hair transplant clinic, we offer clients this innovative and effective direct hair implementation technique.

Hair Transplants: It’s the Results that Count

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