DHI is the world leader

in both hair loss prevention and hair loss treatment.

About DHI Global Medial Group

DHI Hair Restoration is part of the DHI Global Medial Group which has helped over 200,000 patients effectively manage and treat their hair loss. 

The company was originally founded in 1970 by Konstantinos Giotis. Back then DHI was made up of only a few clinics. 

Thanks the DHI’s success rate and ever-evolving suite of hair loss treatment procedures, we quickly expanded. 

DHI Hair Restoration - one of Dublin's most established hair loss clinics - is 1 of 75 worldwide DHI clinics.

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The Leaders in Hair Loss Treatment

DHI Global Medial Group has remained committed to changing the world through hair restoration. Since 1970 we have been introducing new technologies and cutting edge techniques to help treat and manage hair. For almost half a decade DHI Global Medical Group has been setting the benchmark in hair loss treatment and hair loss diagnosis. 

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Direct Hair Implantation

At the dawn of the 21st century, DHI Global Medial Group were one of the first to develop FUE transplantation, this system allowed DHI to move away from the harsh FUT – Strip system. In the following few years, we introduced direct hair implantation, a technique that has changed the lives of thousands of patients in Dublin and all over the world.

Team, Quality Control, Research and Training

We are technology driven and are always committed to developing and refining the very best hair loss treatment technology and hair loss treatment techniques. We always invest in our team; offering the best training so we can effectively deliver the highest standard of hair restoration treatments to Dublin patients.

Experienced Hair Restoration Team

Our Dublin location offers clients an extremely experienced team of hair restorations specialists. Our Dublin team utilises the 50 years of hair loss knowledge, techniques and technology developed by DHI Medical Group.

Rigorous Quality Control Checks

DHI Global Medical Group instigated the industry standard operational and procedural protocols of the hair loss restoration and treatment industry. We are fully registered and insured with all relevant regulatory and quality assurance bodies.

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